Building Sustainable Communities with Aquaponics
Access to fresh and organic food is a fundamental
right of every human being


Our VISION is to help provide food purity, security and sovereignty to build sustainable communities around the world.

We INTEND to achieve this by building bio-diverse, self-sustainable and profitable agricultural communities centered around the basic needs of human beings - water, energy and food.

Our STRATEGY is to create a collaborative environment between capital, markets and local people. We believe the success of any project requires local ownership in partnership with capital to best serve the needs of communities, through job creation, food purity, security and pride of stewardship.

AQUAPONICS is a proven disruptive technology and an innovative solution to advance this vision both locally and globally.

Our VALUES: Faith, Integrity, Trust, Compassion, Generosity, Unity, Gratitude



  • Water use, compared to field crops                             5%

  • Crop yield per acre, compared to field crops                10x

  • Growth rate over soil grown                                       2x

  • Always Fresh and Organic

  • No addition of pesticides or inorganic fertilizers

  • Greens and veggies produced per 2.5 acres/day         2800 Lbs

  • Fish per year from 2.5 acres farm                               53 Tons

  • Multiple crop

  • Round the year production in controlled environment

    • Food Safety​                                                      100%

    • Food Quality                                                     100%

    • Produce Predictability                                          100%



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